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Whether you are a payer or provider, alvee is the tool you need to   Predict     Track      Assess    Measure  Document   Educate    Eliminate   health disparities and inequities


Alvee is an AI-driven, fully integrated application that is installed directly into your EHR


alvee gives you a comprehensive view of a patient’s health equity status by incorporating social determinants of health (SDOH), chronic conditions, demographic information, and health inequity risks.


alvee provides real-time, patient specific alerts notifying you when a patient has a confirmed or possible health equity issue, as well as missing demographic information, so that you never miss an opportunity to advance health equity.


We all agree that health equity is important, but there is no true roadmap on how to address health inequity and disparities

Health equity is more than just SDOH

Current solutions only address social determinants of health (SDOH). Focusing only on SDOH is like stopping the hemorrhaging without addressing the internal damage. Conscious and unconscious biases, institutional barriers, data, health conditions, etc. must also be addressed to truly impact health inequity.

Missing demographic information limits our ability to identify health inequity

The collection of race, ethnicity, and other demographic data is a critical component of evaluating health outcomes among various populations and ensuring health equity for everyone, but the majority of health plans and providers have incomplete or poor data.

Poor provider experience and lack of tools

Now more than ever, providers suffer from documentation fatigue, additional pressure to care for patients, and staffing shortages. Providers are asked to screen for social needs but lack the tools to address needs with patients when uncovered. Moreover, new tools and apps are being developed every day, but they exist outside of the provider’s workflow, requiring a separate login and lacking fully integrated, real-time data.

Reactive, expensive interventions

Current solutions and initiatives are reactive, only intervening after problems are uncovered. Proactive interventions could save healthcare organizations millions of dollars every year.



Promote Health Equity and Reduce Health Disparities

Machine Learning / AI

Built in PRAPARE Assessment

Race and Ethnicity Data Supplementation

Are you ready?

Beginning in 2022, NCQA requires quality measure stratification by race and ethnicity, and additional health equity requirements are being instituted at both the state and federal levels.

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Not using any other tools? No problem

Alvee works with your existing EHR and SDOH applications to improve the provider experience and give you a comprehensive health equity tool

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